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Introducing the *MHPN Bulletin*
First issue: "Health Psychology in the Modern World"

The Midlands Health Psychology Network (MHPN) has been working on a new feature publication - the MHPN Bulletin.


We welcome submissions from all our members for a variety of article types listed below.

First submissions welcome from SEPTEMBER 17, 2021.


Submission DEADLINE: extended until NOVEMBER 19, 2021.  


Feature Articles and Discussion Papers:

Articles may cover a wide range of topics in Health Psychology. Articles may describe a piece of original research; provide an overview of a theory, area of issue.  


Research in Brief:

A short report of original research (e.g., preliminary findings relating to Health Psychology). 


Reflective Articles:

Reflective pieces may observe events, human interactions and perspectives in the field of Health Psychology. We also welcome reflections on teaching practices in relation to Health Psychology.  


Conference/Book Reviews:

Provide an overview of a conference/book, outlining the main themes.  


Hints and Tips:

Hints and tips that will be useful to prospective Health Psychology students who wish to undertake stage 1 or stage 2 training in the future.    


Please access the downloadable guidance documentation below.


MHPN Bulletin ‘Instruction to Authors’


MHPN Bulletin ‘Submission Form’

Please direct any questions 

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