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Local Interest Groups (LIG)

The MHPN aims to provide an opportunity for people with an interest in Health Psychology to share their activities, learning and questions, and to foster mutual support from others within the network. As part of this strategy the MHPN is encouraging the development of Local Interest Groups (LIGs).

Please let us know if you would like to share the details of your local interest group with the MHPN community. We would be happy to post details of upcoming events/meetings in your area for you.

Interested in starting an LIG in your local area? 

Download the MHPN LIG Starter Information here

and get in touch - we would love to support you!

CASE STUDY: Share your success story

Does your University run a Local Interest Group?


Do you like to discuss and debate ‘hot topics’ in Health Psychology that are current and perhaps even relevant within the media?


Please get in touch with us so that we can showcase your efforts and highlight your local efforts with a news story or blog post!

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