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Keynote Speaker

"Current health psychology priorities in hypertension self-management and reducing cardiovascular risk"

Short Bio:

Dr Ainslea Cross is a NHS Health Psychologist at the Health Psychology Cardiovascular Diseases service at Glenfield Hospital, University Hospitals Leicester. The service is part of the Hypertension and Lipids outpatient specialist services.

Dr Ainslea Cross
Ainsley Cross.jpeg

Keynote summary:


In her talk, Dr Ainslea Cross will outline the current health psychology priorities in hypertension and cardiovascular care and prevention.


The talk will address the following themes:

  • Psychological and behavioural assessment and interventions;

  • Digital and wearable solutions for behaviour change and psychological health;

  • Hypertension and multiple long term conditions management;

  • Embedding health psychology research into practice and multidisciplinary team work;

  • Health psychology skills and training current priorities and opportunities.

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