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Experiencing the COVID-19 Pandemic

The last few months have been” interesting” to say the least for all of us! At the MHPN, we want to put together a collection of your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking for our members to to contribute by sharing their experiences on the following topics:

  • The professional or personal challenges you have faced due to COVID-19

  • The main things you have learnt about your work or yourself during lockdown

  • Things you have missed the most during lockdown

You can share your experiences in many different formats including;

  • a short paragraph;

  • a list of your Top 5/10 experiences;

  • a longer blog post of your experiences (up to 1500 words).

We also welcome photo submissions:

If there is an image (or a few) that sum up your experience of COVID-19 - maybe you’ve been practicing your yoga skills, working to support your community or spending more time with family, then we’d love to share these with other members. Please include a short caption that describes the image and how it relates to your experience.

All submissions will be published on our website and shared in our monthly newsletter, following a short review process.

All published submissions will automatically be entered into a raffle.

The winner will be selected at random and will receive a £10 e-voucher as their prize.

The first prize draw WAS drawn on September 30th 2020.

To submit your post, ask questions, or to run your ideas by us, please email ( or connect with us on social media (@MidsHealthPsych).

We feel that we all need to support each other now more

than ever. By sharing your COVID-19 experiences you may help fellow MHPN members overcome barriers they are facing in their professional or personal life, or provide some light relief in these challenging times.

We look forward to hearing from you

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